Executive Protection

We guarantee every customer to provide the most highly trained,
tactical security agents within the field to protect them.
They have backgrounds in advanced security and safety services.
We offer a complete selection of protection services.
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Executive Protection Services You Can Trust

At HRC Globally Security, we provide customized executive protection solutions based on the circumstance and threat level to an individual. Our own expert teams start with extensive planning, working with you to gain complete awareness of your situation. Then we develop a comprehensive and entirely personalized program that covers all of the facets of your protection. All of our team members possess extensive training and experience. They are certified to provide you the highest level of executive protection.

Our executive security solutions include:

  • Close Up Protection- controlled, safe, and monitored movement VIPs. 
  • Family Protection- security to immediate and extended members of the family 
  • Low Profile Close Up Protection- covert protection while the individual profile of the client remains intact
  • Safe Transport- A vetted and secure driver escorts clients on a high-profile vehicle. 
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"Of all of the car companies we have used, the best is HRC.
I feel 100% confident in them."

— EA to the CEO, a Global Private Equity Firm

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